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of technology you don't have the same protection. if your email has been opened or is more than six months old, government agencies can read them. >> courts have said, lawsuit is very confusing and has permitted the government to search your emails held by providers without a warrant. >> government investigators generally look at email for criminal activity that is not always the case. it became a national debate after c.i.a. director after david petraeus resigned over an extramarital affair. if the c.i.a. can't keep the f.b.i. from reading that email what protections do ordinary people have. >> no warrant knocks records. >> a state senate wanted to clearly define the line. electronic communications should be no different than paper communications. they are all private. >> all we're saying, you need to go to a court, make the case that there is a readable -- reasonable cause that some illegal activity going on. >> drafted by the frontier foundation, it would require state and local government agents to get a warrant to hand over your emails. the companies would have to tell you they did. some
and technology reporter david louie with a look at the numbers. >> reporter: santa clara already has a new 49er stadium but how it has to make big concession as a condition for the n.f.l. to consider it for the superbowl. the terms are tough and not likely negotiable. santa clara must waive the hotel tax on the 350 rooms they will occupy. it will waive the surcharge that goes to debt service on the new stadium and waive a 35 cent per ticket fee that funds programs along with a parking fee that recoups the city's cost for services. santa clara says it will get reimbursed for public safety excesses by the host committee. >> it was our intention to make sure that we walk away putting on a great show, doing a lot of work and making sure we come out whole in this process and being reimbursed for our efforts to make it a successful event. >> reporter: giving a hotel tax break isn't as bad. 350 looms are involved. at the rate is 14.25 translates into $5,000 loss per night, revenue that normally goes into the general fund. general manager at hilton santa clara says superbowl spending will more than off
. and nimble as a cat, technology that apple may be protecting your eye >> dan: after all the public events and speeches it was a quiet gesture in a jerusalem cemetery that may have defined his visit to middle east. president put a stone down from m king kick washington memorial on the grave of isak rabin saying it's harder to embark on peace. he arrived in jordan this morning. the president was greeted by jordan's king abdullah at the royal palace. they got down to business. during a news conference, he said he is worried about syria's future once president assad leaves office. >> i'm very concerned becoming an enclave for extremists because they thrive in chaos. >> dan: during his visit to israel he helped broker a phone call between benjamin netanyahu and his turkish counterpart to restore diplomatic relations. netanyahu apologized for the deaths of nine turkish activists and naval raid on gaza bound flotilla. he helped arrange that call before leaving israel. palestinians are clearly frustrated. they say president obama's message of hope is empty, just words. the story now from our repo
and oakland airport each saw increases during the same time period. 7 news business and technology reporter david louie take as closer look what's going on. >> 1.3 billion dollars wept that building new terminal and modernizing the facility gets high mark for appearance and convenience. >> clean nice and fast. i live in san francisco and you can get back and forth in a cab. 80 minutes. sometimes if you fly into oakland you get stuck in traffic and not any faster. >>reporter: you can tell from a few shutter restaurants and concession stands that the expanded airport isn't operating anywhere close to capacity. just over 8 million passengers flew in and out of san jose last year but can handle 14 million. new common use airport lounge called the club at sjc an example of the up scale facility built to draw more passengers. the good news is that virgin america is coming to san jose in may. all nip upon airway will resume tokyo flights once it gets the okay to fly the dream liner. >> we also have tremendous capacity both here in our facilities as well as on our airfield and we are well po
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4